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How compliment can determine the course of one’s life

Michio Kaku's mom wins at parenting.

Michio Kaku’s mom wins at parenting.

I remember when my parents bought me my first computer when I was in junior high school. At that time they didn’t know anything about computer. Neither did I. But they bought it anyway hoping that I could learn something from it. And of course I was not thinking the same thing. I was thinking: YES!!! NEW GAME! :P So I used it to play games – but mind you that it was a set of PC with only 8 mb VGA, 16 mb RAM, a Pentium 166 mmx, it didn’t even have CD-ROM. Practically the only game I could play was emulator and … Civilization (old time favorite!). So then I got bored easily and that was when I began to learn Corel, Flash, and Pascal. For the first time. All by myself.
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